Reise Tauchjacket Xdeep Ghost

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Reise Tauchjacket Xdeep Ghost

Grösse S  <175cm (auf Bestellung, 7-10 Tage mehr)

Grösse L  >175cm

xDEEP GHOST Standart Travel Wing Jacket, Ultralight Aluminium BackplateThe xDEEP GHOST is a revolutionary, extremely lightweight wing set weighing in at less than 2.5 kilograms. The GHOST from xDEEP combines all the positive properties of professional diving equipment: a wing that provides perfect trim in the water and a back plate built made of aluminum for reduced weight. Designed according to aviation findings (aerospace principle), the thought behind the GHOST is to provide a true travel wing with single tank usage in mind. This wing system weighs in at just 2.2 kg and is easily packed- a full-fledged wing in travel size! Padding is included on the backplate at the shoulders and lower back for extra comfort. The GHOST comes in two sizes; small for users under 175 cm and large for those taller than 175 cm.

Other excellent features of the GHOST: The inflator is positioned centrally resulting in easier and more controlled deflation. The overall lightweight design has allowed the use of rugged 6mm stainless steel d-rings instead of aluminum or plastic. An adjustable lightweight single tank adapter is included for optimal comfort as well as a wing that offers more than 17kg of lift! The GHOST ensures that your time at the surface is comfortable by keeping the entire wing underwater, keeping your head as far out of the water as possible.

The GHOST is available in two versions: the standard version is the wing system with single tank adapter, back padding and two tank straps. The deluxe has additional padding on the shoulder straps and a Fastex buckle to open each of the shoulder straps. The GHOST is the best wing for a trip!

  • Complete xDEEP NX GHOST Standart Set with Ultralight Aluminium Backplate in Size MEDIUM or LARGE
  • Complete Pre-Assembled xDEEP GHOST Standart Harness in 50mm width
  • xDEEP NX Series Ultralight Aluminium Backplate
  • xDEEP 3D Mesh padding on back plate
  • 2x xDEEP Tank Band with Plastic Buckle
  • K-Type inflator on 16 inch hose
  • 1x Dump Valve
  • Single Tank Adapter