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The AP CO2 Sensor
The AP Diving CO2 Sensor (RB120) is an ‘active warning device’ designed to alert the diver when the CO2 content of the breathing loop is approaching a dangerous level. This could be due to depletion of the CO2 absorbent canister or incorrect assembly resulting in CO2 bypass of the canister.

The CO2 Sensor has been specially developed for use with AP Diving’s range of rebreathers equipped with Vision electronics.

The sensor is intended as an option that can be used with or without the APD Scrubber monitor (Temp-stik).

Simple Plug & Play operation: Providing the Vision electronics are programmed with the latest release* of embedded software you simply plug the CO2 sensor into the lid connection. The firmware recognises the CO2 sensor and activates the appropriate displays and warnings.

         *The latest release version is V05.01.02, released on July 19th, 2013

  • Monitors CO2 levels within the breathing loop and warns the diver prior to the level becoming harmful
  • Single warning level when the diver should ascend immediately and bailout from the rebreather loop
  • Warnings are displayed on the Vision handset and via the HUD and the audible alarm
  • Sensor uses an advanced algorithm that compensates for pressure and temperature
  • Disposable desiccant cartridge assures accurate monitoring when loop has high humidity levels. (to be changed every 20-30 hours of diving – AP Diving recommend using the ‘Elapsed time’ feature to monitor protector duration) and protectors to be stored in their sealed packaging until ready for use)
  • Can be used with or without existing APD Temp-Stik Scrubber monitor
  • New mixing chamber supplied for mounting the CO2 sensor
  • Sensor is checked for operation during Vision Electronics start up
  • Factory calibrated during assembly and simply zeroed during oxygen sensor calibration
  • Low power consumption and powered by the Vision rebreather batteries
  • Suitable for use with all diving gas mixes

The AP Diving CO2 Sensor utilises infrared absorption technology to determine the CO2 content of the breathing loop. The characteristics of infrared wavelength are dependent on the gas the light travels through. Therefore by measuring this wavelength the partial pressure of CO2
in the gas can be determined with great accuracy.

One issue that had to be overcome was the potential for water-vapour to distort the readings, as water has a very similar effect on infrared wavelength as carbon dioxide. This was solved by developing a very effective sensor protector - a replaceable drying cartridge that consists of a desiccant sandwiched between protective technical membranes. 

Utilising the QinetiQ patented sensor and AP’s algorithms which compensate for depth and gas densities combined with AP’s manufacturing knowhow has resulted in the production of an accurate, water and water vapour proof product.

The AP CO2 sensor represents a huge jump in underwater CO2 measurement.

(includes 3 x sensor protectors)